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Trials and Events 2017

TBSC Trial September 23 2017 with GSSCC/SV Judge Dour Deacon and Apprentice Judge Darin Clarke

Congratulations to all handlers and dogs who earned titles at the TBSC trial this weekend. Awesome job everyone! Patience and persistence pays off! Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of this trial - handlers, dogs, tracklayers (Ken and Anthony), helpers (Chad and Anthony) who traveled from afar, volunteers and those who were volun-told! A big thank you to those who prepared food, brought whatever as needed, picked up items at the... last minute, danced around in Kakabeka, chauffeured the judges, and most importantly, supported all those trialing with cheers and hugs!

A very special thank you to our Trial Manager Jill Biggs who kept all things and people organized and cooked up a storm to boot.

And of course, a huge thank you to our judge, Doug Deacon and our apprentice judge, Darin Clarke! Good work everyone! Now...get ready for June 2018!


We had 9 entries and all 9 succeeded in achieving titles.

Congratulations to:
Anthony Hartelaub and Pico for High IPO1 and High in Trial
Michaela Bouzkova and Agi IPO1
Ann Haslett and Dukati High IPO2
George Kopecky and Fight High IPO3
Jacki Barnes and iögi IPO3
Ken Heald and Turbo TR1 and OB1
Chris Berg and Bart BH
Wendy Talbot and Hudtzn BH

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