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Trials and Events 2016

Thunder Bay Schutzhund Club Trial Sept 10-11 2016 with USA/GSSCC Judge Andrea Duggan-Jantzen

Once again, a big thank you to all the members of the TBSC (TBay and Winnipeg) who made this weekend's trial a great success. Thank you to Andrea Duggan, who is not only a great judge, but a great advocate for the sport. Thank you to everyone who helped out: preparing food, running errands, laying tracks, crossing tracks, setting up the field, videotaping, and doing all those other jobs too numerous to mention. Kudos, and congratulations, to all who put their training to the test!

Special thanks to our Trial Secretary Jill Biggs for a great job assisting our judge and preparing and finalizing the paper work so efficiently. Also many thanks to our Trial Helpers Mike Bauer and Richard Hamilton who also entered the trial with their dogs. Great job guys!

The highlight of the weekend was watching Marly Dejardins achieve her first ever IPO3 with her Bouvier Tango. There wasn't a dry eye in the house when she finished her protection routine! Big congrats Marly!!


  • Ken Heald and Vendalia Turbo - Pass

  • Sherri Campbell and Charissima's Gemma of Gemline - Pass


  • Mike Bauer and Skar de Lupus Saveus 80 - 88 - 92 - 260

  • Richard Hamilton and Barron vom Prachtig 70 - 61 - 82 - /


  • Iögi von der Eisspitzen - 74



  • Iögi von der Eisspitzen - 85



  • Barqs von der Fan - 95



  • Ken Heald and Tracker ot Vitosha - 25


  • Marly Dejardins and Abel Tango de la Wallonie 97 - 86 - 73 - 256


Thunder Bay Schutzhund Club Trial June 25 and 26 2016 with SV/GSSCC Judge Doug Deacon

The Thunder Bay Schutzhund Club had one hell of a trial June 25th and 26th. With Doug Deacon presiding, we experienced every weather condition but snow! Saturday morning started out cloudy and calm for tracking and by 10 am we had all tracks completed except the FH. Just as we were to go out and run the FH, a huge storm blew in with Monsoon winds, torrential rains, thunder, lightning and hail. After a three hour wait it was decided to abandon the FH track and set anther one.... Meanwhile, with the weather calming considerably, a window of opportunity arose around 1pm allowing us to complete the obedience and protection phases of the trial as well as the temperament test for the BH's. A new field was chosen for the FH and bright and early Sunday Morning the track layer and cross track layer laid yet another FH track which turned out to be golden. Ken Heald and Tracker ot Vitosha achieved an outstanding 96 for their FH!

See the rest of the results below.

Many thanks to all those Thunder Bay Schutzhund Club members who were instrumental in making this trial a success. Thank you to the trial entrants including our Winnipeg contingent, the cooks, the the cleaners, the grounds keeper, the group, those who set up equipment, took pictures and videos, those who made sure the judge was properly hydrated, the track layers, the best trial secretary in Canada Sherrel Pucci, our Helper Mike and our great Judge Doug Deacon.

It has been a stressful 3 months since we first learned we had lost our club grounds of 18 years and needed to find a new field, move everything and try and prepare for a trial. We forged on and were not as prepared as we would have liked but we pulled it off!
I would like to thank those that helped us prepare for this trial including our spotters, our helpers, and Anthony.

We all need to take a deep breath now, relax for a couple of days and get right back at it LOL!




  • Claire Menard - Drez vom haus Velipoje - Pass

  • Magda Dziekonski - Xephyr vom Kondorstrand - Pass

  • Liz Luke - Edwin von der Eisspitzen - Pass

  • Mike Bauer - Skar de Lupus Saevus - Pass



  • Jacklynne Barnes - iögi von der Eisspitzen - 85 86 85 "a" 256



  • Jill Biggs - Flynn von der Eisspitzen - 70 76 70 216



  • Jacklynne Barnes - Barqs von der Fan - "DQ"

  • Lol Carvalho - Kai vom Jacinto - 15 70 84 "a" 


Tr 3

  • George Kopecki - Fight von der Eisspitzen - 94


FH 1

  • Ken Heald - Tracker ot Vitosha - 96

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